Dedusters for use in Combustion Processes

Around 70% of the chemically bonded energy contained in wood is released when the combustion gases oxidise. If the process fails to run smoothly, this leads to the formation of highly toxic exhaust gases and low volatile organic substances such as soot or tar which have to be removed from the air.

Flue gas also poses a problem, especially where it arises during combustion processes in power stations,waste incineration plants and in industrial production processes. The exhaust gases contain various toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, soot and heavy metals. These can be adsorbed and filtered with the aid of additives.

DFT Dust Separators for Enhanced Workplace Safety

Centrifugal separators (e. g. single or multiple cyclones) and filtering separators (e. g. fabric bag filters) are often used for dedusting flue gases. DFT provides systems with filter media, which are temperature-resistant up to 260 °C and also spark-resistant The residual dust contents are minimal. The emissions limits prescribed by the revised „TA-Luft“ (German Air Quality Directive) for wood and straw burning plants are met without the need for further technical measures.

Applications for DFT Dedusting Systems in Combustion Processes:

  • Waste and residual material incineration
  • Coal-fired boiler plants
  • Straw / wood combustion
  • Dioxin / furan separation
  • Reject combustion in paper mills