Dedusting Systems for the thermal Processes Sector

DFT dedusting systems cater for high air rates and effective disposal of particles when eliminating dust-ridden air at the welding stand, when flame cutting, cutting metals electrically or for thermal coating.

Specific Challenges facing Dedusting

Thermal processes such as welding, flame cutting or electro-cutting play an important part in metal processing. Thermal coating methods are applied ever more frequently. During thermal spraying the desired surface materials in the form of wire or powder are strongly heated up using different methods and sprayed onto the component.

Depending on the applied technology, work forges ahead here at extremely high temperatures. In the plasma flame method for instance, ceramics being sprayed in a plasma electric arc at temperatures of up to 20,000 °C. Thermal coating can be beneficial in practically all technical sectors, especially to lend a material special physical characteristics, which it would lack without this coating.

Optimal Performance Parameters: DFT Dedusters

The car or textile industry, chemicals, medicine, mechanical engineering or aviation: DFT dedusting systems cater for high air rates and the effective disposal of particles particularly as far as thermal coating is concerned thanks to a temperature-resistant and compact design.

Fields of Application for DFT Dedusting Systems in thermal Processes:

  • Welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Flame cutting
  • Thermal coating