DFT Sales, Available Wherever You Are

Whatever your air filtration needs – we are there to provide personal and professional advice. There where we are needed most – at your facility. In this respect we can call on our closely-knit, expansive sales network. Here is a summary of the DFT contact persons by region:

Central Germany / Export

Jens Rettig
Sales Director
Tel.: +49 6622 504-716
E-Mail: jens.rettig@deichmann-filter.de

North West Germany

Jochen Kluttig
Area Sales Manager
Tel.: +49 6622 504-727
E-Mail: jochen.kluttig@deichmann-filter.de

Bernhard Hackmann
Tel.: +49 6622 504-742
E-Mail: bernhard.hackmann@deichmann-filter.de

Southern Germany

Andreas Schink
Area Sales Manager
Tel.: +49 6622 504-756
E-Mail: andreas.schink@deichmann-filter.de

Sales Office

Joachim Hahner
Sales Office Manager
Tel.: +49 6622 504-720
E-Mail: joachim.hahner@deichmann-filter.de

Spare Parts Sales

Anke Wiegand
Spare Parts Sales
Tel.: +49 6622 504-715
E-Mail: anke.wiegand@deichmann-filter.de

Furthermore, our international customers have access to DFT expertise via the global sales network of the CFH Group. This includes not only the worldwide supply of the products but also spare parts and after sales service.