System Solutions for Preventing Air Pollution, Dedusting and Material Recycling

DFT engineering enables optimal assembly of all systems and components for every requirement and environment. For your project we also ensure that the workforce involved on-site as well as the machines there operate under the best possible air conditions. However, protecting people, machinery and the environment is not always the sole concern. For many companies, the ensuing dusts represent a relevant product for recycling. For this reason, we at DFT provide innovative products for preventing air pollution and dedusting as well as for efficient material recycling.

Assured Quality thanks to high Production Depth

As our customer you profit from our high production depth, which enables us to assure the quality of our products to the hilt. The complete apparatus engineering including the housing and all components takes place at our works in Bebra – thus corresponding to the quality standard “Made in Germany” in every aspect. Merely the filter fabrics or filter elements are made at another source. The selected qualities are developed jointly with leading European filter media manufacturers.

The generous dimensioning of the filter surface, coupled with high quality and extra fittings for the filter elements, lead to a high service life. All in all, DFT products are distinguished through their special longevity.

ATEX – Explosion Protection up to 9.5 bar g

DFT also supplies dedusting systems in explosion-proof and shock-pressure resistant design in accordance with ATEX regulations for processes with explosive dusts and hazardous gas mixtures.