Individual Solutions for Preventing Air Pollution

No two dedusting projects are the same. That’s why we provide our customers not only with efficient and effective standard systems but also bespoke clean air systems that are tailored to the specific project needs. We devise dedusting systems, together with ancillary equipment and components, which are geared to your project needs right down to the smallest detail. In doing so, we take into consideration the specific dimensions and local conditions as well as the specific mechanical arrangements of the process and prevailing climatic conditions (hot, cold, moist). Even under the most difficult conditions when others have given up, we will find an appropriate solution for you. First and foremost, we have become established as a well-versed solution provider – and are keen to respond to new challenges.

The Specialists for Process and Sector-specific Solutions

The type of dedusting problem to be resolved will vary considerably depending on the application and the processes involved. DFT filter systems can be adapted to the sector-specific job requirements in every detail.

In the case of combustion processes, the system´s high heat resistance is extremely important. Similarly, in food processing hygiene is an important factor. Sometimes collection and retention of dust for re-use is an issue such as in the timber industry for pellet production. . DFT provides suitable solutions for filtration, cleaning or dust removal for all such tasks. Our engineering team would be pleased to help. Depending on the requirements, they will examine all possibilities to find the optimum solution for you.

The presence of asbestos represents a particularly high risk. DFT filter systems offer comprehensive solutions for dealing with asbestos. We have developped systems for stabilising asbestos products using cement and for processing contaminated building materials. These are very compact and can be housed in mobile standard 20‛ sea containers. The installed components and monitoring systems reliably prevent asbestos fibres from being released in an uncontrolled manner.