Dedusting Systems for the Pit and Quarry Industry

The construction materials and pit and quarry industries are of great significance as an intermediate goods sector for the building industry and many other downstream branches of industry. The products are essential for qualitatively high-grade construction. Fittingly, the pit and quarry industry is numbered among the innovation drivers of the value-creation chain of construction as a whole. Furthermore, a large number of other sectors profit from the branch`s products, including companies belonging to the steel, glass, paper and chemical industries.

Air Purification in the Service of Humankind and Machine

In mining, the recovery of minerals from the pit and quarry industry as well as in the construction industry, mineral dusts are the main source of harm potentially impairing the health of the workforce. Unfortunately, operational reality has shown that dedusting technology in many places still lies below the standards that are technically feasible and acceptable to health.

DFT Dedusting Systems support the following Segments:

  • Lime works
  • Cement works
  • Quarries
  • Asphalt works
  • Mining