Dedusting Systems for the Metallurgy Sector

Keeping the air clean presents, a major challenge for the metal processing industry in particular. Thus, for example, grinding steel creates an enormous number of sparks, which can trigger a fire in the extraction system. Dangerous dust also results for instance, when polishing or sandblasting metal surfaces.

Skilled steel workers or process mechanics are impacted by dust, smoke and gases particularly when involved in metal production, foundries as well as steel shaping – in other words, thermal processes such as hard soldering, soft annealing, metal spinning or deep drawing. In this connection, quartz dust, heavy metal dust as well as soot fumes, which contain polycyclic aromatics and carbon monoxide, are regarded as particularly dangerous. Against this background, it is really essential that the appropriate provisions are made for occupational safety and the welfare of the workforce.

Filter Systems in top Form

Companies involved in the metal processing industry are increasingly resorting to measures against so-called “metal dusts”, to protect the health of the workforce and enhance operational safety in general. DFT supports the companies in the industry by providing modern, powerful filter systems with temperature ranges of up to 260 °C. Towards this end, we have various filter materials available for you – depending on the given fields of application. If need be, they can be supplied in a shockproof version with corresponding explosion relief.

DFT Dedusting Systems support the following metallurgic Processes:

  • Smelting
  • Casting
  • Demoulding
  • Remoulding
  • Machining
  • Extracting dry shavings
  • Grinding (e.g. slabs)