Dedusting Systems for the Foodstuffs Production Sector

Whether flour, coffee, sugar, salt, grain or cocoa powder: Dusts occur in many process chains of the food industry. These have to be eliminated against the background of the Purity Law and health safety. DFT dedusting systems are predestined for tackling industrial hygiene.

If Dedusting concerns the Purity Law: DFT

An illness first ensues if two indicators come together – a pathogenic factor such as e.g. fine dust and an organism reacting to it. As a result, neither the occurrence of baker`s asthma nor dust allergies can be individually predicted. However, one thing is certain: The more dust there is and the longer the impact lasts, the greater the danger.

Specific Challenges facing Dedusting

In production and further processing companies for coffee, cocoa powder, sugar, salt and potash fertilisers, dedusting systems must get the job done, as great importance is also laid on the Purity Law there – quite apart from the health risk posed to the workforce. For many years, DFT has supplied bag and compact jet filters with manual or fully automatic pressure-surge cleaning and the appropriate dust extraction systems for the foodstuffs industry.

DFT – Prevention of Air Pollution in its best Form

All DFT dedusting systems comply with the European guidelines pertaining to quality assurance in the production of foodstuffs and can be approved in accordance with the American FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).

Fields of Application for DFT Dedusting Systems in particularly dust-ridden industrial Segments:

  • Producing and processing cocoa powder
  • Refining sugar
  • Extracting and processing salt
  • Milling grain
  • Roasting coffee