For maximum Efficiency taking up minimum Space: Deichmann Compact Jet Filters

The DFT Compact Jet Filter fulfils the task of separating coarse and submicron particles where dry dusts are involved.
Thanks to its compact design this efficient deduster accomplishes high extraction capacities in the tiniest space.

The application of these filter systems ranges from dedusting industrial workplaces by way of metal spraying equipment right up to preventing air pollution of rendering and grinding booths. The system has become well established as a product separator in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the foodstuffs industry, pigment production as well as in metallurgical processes and many comparable fields of application.

DFT Compact Jet Filters are suitable both as autonomous filter units as well as for expanding and optimising existing systems. 50% less space is needed compared with conventional filter systems. Furthermore, the deduster stands out owing to the time it saves: The filter replacement times are reduced by roughly two-thirds thanks to how the Delcolon filter elements are designed.