Dedusting Solutions for Recycling and Waste Recovery

Recycling and waste recovery have long since become established industrial segments. DFT provides companies in these segments with sector-specific dedusting systems. In this respect, both workplace health and safety and the targeted recovery of invaluable raw materials are of paramount importance. Our specialised systems fulfil both tasks reliably.

DFT Dedusters for Sorting Processes

Preventing air pollution is elementary when sorting waste. Various dusts and lightweight fractions occur during the working process which must be extracted. Dust collection in particular calls for specialist know-how, which make DFT dedusters the first choice.

A further application is the recycling of scrap, where dangerous metallic dusts mix with every other conceivable type of dust from other materials. Here too, DFT systems have proven their worth.

When waste chutes are dedusted (delivery chutes for waste incineration plants) in addition to the dust, unpleasant odours also occur. These odours can be reliably eliminated by adding an additional active carbon filter stage after the dust filter.

Special Solutions from DFT

In addition to the elimination of dusts and odours, DFT systems are also applied for the recovery of raw materials. This applies not only to recycling operations, but also to all production facilities, where waste material is generated in the manufacturing processes such as , sawing, grinding and milling.. “Waste”, which was formerly discarded and cost a great deal to dispose of, can be gathered, collected, transported and reutilised.

Applications for DFT Dedusters in Recycling and Waste Recovery:

  • Waste sorting and recycling (optionally with active carbon filters for odour elimination)
  • Scrap recycling
  • Waste chutes