Expert Commissioning and Instruction

Of course, we also back you up in commissioning your system. During the commissioning phase we create an acceptance report, which documents for you and us that the necessary steps have been executed properly.

Whether in a consultative role or pro-active on-the-spot – you may call upon our services exactly to the extent required. For instruction or support during assembly by skilled personnel from our corporate group as well as for commissioning carried out by our well-versed DFT personnel.

Instruction and Training Courses

Every project is unique. Thus, this makes skilled instruction on-the-spot all the more important. If desired, we instruct your members of staff in detail on all the functions and operation of the systems in question. And regardless of when you require a training course at some later date, for example, if especially sophisticated projects are involved or you acquire new members of staff, we shall be delighted to step in.